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The Anglian Region covers more than 27,000 square kilometres, from the Thames Estuary in the south to Humber Estuary in the North, and from the East Anglian Coast to Daventry in the west. The main urban areas are Norwich, Peterborough, Ipswich, Chelmsford, Cambridge Northampton and Lincoln. Almost six million people live in the region that has one of the fastest growing populations in the United Kingdom. The region has large areas of flat, low lying land, a quarter of which is below sea level and more than 860 kilometres of coastline. East Anglia is 34 percent drier, 6 percent hotter and 6 percent sunnier than England & Wales as a whole, which makes this the driest region. Land use is mainly agricultural with 58 percent of the most productive agricultural land in England and Wales found here. (EA)

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Environment Agency region
N/AEast Anglia

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EA Anglian Region

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