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Title: The hydrological effects of demand management : project definition stage report : 28th May 1996
Author: National Rivers Authority Anglian Region
Document Type: Monograph
Annotation: EA additional title info: the hydrological effects of demand management on the environment
In October 1995 the Anglian Region of the NRA appointed WS Atkins to undertake a research project into the potential hydrological effects of demand management on the environment. In April 1996 the NRA joined HMIP and the Waste Regulatory Authorities to form the new Environment Agency. The EA's intention is that the study will complement existing research being undertaken into the economics of demand management, and that the two projects combined will improve the framework within which the EA can best implement and target their demand management policies. It is widely acknowledged that in terms of water supply, demand management will generally be of benefit in situations where resources are insufficient to meet demand either now or in the future. There remains some debate, however, regarding the extent to which demand management will address other water resource issues such as problems associated with low river flows and groundwater levels. To date, there has often been a general assumption that the projected reductions in water use as a consequence of demand management will result in environmental improvements. However, the projections have generally been on a regional scale, with little work being undertaken to establish how, in reality, such reductions will translate to a local scale in a variety of differing hydrological situations. Some have suggested that on a more local scale demand management will, in many circumstances, have little or no impact on these environmental problems, and that in some instances there may be an adverse impact. The EA Anglian Region are keen to ensure that this issue is examined in more detail, and in sponsoring this project have defined its objective in the Project Brief as being to focus the EA's demand management efforts to where they will be of greatest benefit to the water environment. Within this context, this study is primarily directed towards identifying and, where possible, quantifying the key hydrological impacts of implementing demand management measures. If this can be achieved, or at least a methodology developed to facilitate this process, the EA would be better equipped to target appropriate demand management initiatives.
Publisher: National Rivers Authority
Publication Date: 1996
Publication Place: Peterborough
Subject Keywords: Water use efficiencyWater resourcesEnvironmental impact assessmentEnvironmental managementResource management
Geographic Keywords: EA Anglian
Extent: 23; + appendices
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