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Title: Software profile : user manual for QUANTARE
Author: K.A. Tilford
Document Type: Monograph
This manual is a report in a series of Technical Reports produced by the Water Resources Research Group at the Department of Civil Engineering, University of Salford. The manual is a reference to the software package known as QUANTARE, a program for displaying spatial rainfall fields and computing quantitative areal rainfall totals for predefined catchments, from point raingauge rainfall data. The report begins by stating the software specification and goes on to discuss the input files required. The structure of QUANTARE is described and illustrated with a flowchart and an example runtime session described. Annotated samples of the input datafiles are included. Whilst the report concentrates on a single example, National Rivers Authority Anglian Region, Northern Area, QUANTARE has been designed and structured so that customisation and implementation in other areas is straightforward and a chapter is dedicated to this. The Appendices provide a source listing of the program together with hard copy listings of example input and output datafiles. The datafiles accompany the program on the distribution disk and may be used to replicate the runtime example in the report main body. User input datafiles should exactly replicate the format of the example datafiles. This manual is not a definitive guide to the interpolation routines used. Further information can be found in the references listed in the bibliography.
Publisher: National Rivers Authority
Publication Date: 1991
Publication Place: Peterborough
Subject Keywords: Information and communication technologiesComputer programmingRainfallModelsForecastingRain gauges
Geographic Keywords: EA Anglian
Extent: 18; + figures and appendices
Total file downloads: 28

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