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Measurement Data Component

Title: Annual N2O measurements and associated data: OPTI-N, Cheshire, 2004
Related Party - Organisation (Author): ADAS UK Ltd
Related Party - Organisation (Funder): Defra
Cattle slurry was applied to a free draining arable soil, on a commercial farm located in Cheshire, north-west England. Slurry was applied to minimise ammonia emissions using commercial trailing hose machinery to replicated (x3) plots (24 x 24 m) arranged in a randomised block design. The slurry application rate was appropriate for the application technique (i.e. c.65 m3 ha-1) and was based on slurry N analysis. The amount of total slurry N applied was 113 kg ha-1. Nitrous oxide was measured following slurry application in autumn and from an untreated control. Direct N2O measurements were made using 5 static chambers (0.8 m2 total surface area) per plot and analysed using gas chromatography. Measurements continued for about 12 months after slurry application. Ammonia losses were measured for c.7 days following slurry application using passive samplers (Leuning et al., 1985) on masts (1 per plot and background) in conjunction with the micrometeorological mass balance technique. Nitrate leaching losses were measured using porous ceramic cups (10 per plot) installed between 60 and 90 cm depth during the period of over-winter drainage (Webster et al., 1993) with samples collected every 50 mm of drainage or every 2 weeks whichever occurred sooner. Drainage volumes were estimated using IRRIGUIDE (Bailey and Spackman, 1986) and were combined with NO3 concentrations to quantify the amounts of NO3-N leached. Where measured, this dataset contains: annual nitrous oxide emissions (kg N2O-N/ha/year), annual nitrous oxide emission factors (% of total nitrogen applied), year experiment started, site location, crop type, previous crop type, soil texture, soil clay content, soil dry bulk density, soil organic carbon content, soil pH, total rainfall during the experimental period, nitrogen source, experimental treatments, application timing, application method, block number, total nitrogen applied, readily available nitrogen (i.e. if present, ammonium-N, nitrate-N and uric acid-N) applied, cumulative ammonia emission, cumulative nitrate leaching loss, crop yield, crop total nitrogen offtake, crop grain nitrogen offtake, manure dry matter, manure pH, manure organic carbon, manure total nitrogen content, manure ammonium-N content, manure nitrate-N content, manure uric acid-N content and time to incorporation (i.e. the length of time between application and incorporation). ND = not determined. NA = not applicable. The N2O emission factors are calculated using annual cumulative N2O values to 15 decimal places, however the annual cumulative N2O and emission factor values have been reported to 2 decimal places. References: BAILEY, R.J. and SPACKMAN, E. (1996). A model for estimating soil moisture changes as an aid to irrigation scheduling and crop water-use studies: I. Operational details and description. Soil Use and Management, 12, 122-129. LEUNING, R. FRENEY, J.R., DENMEAD, O.T. and SIMPSON, J.R. (1985). A sampler for measuring atmospheric ammonia flux. Atmospheric Environment, 19-7, 1117-1124. WEBSTER, C.P., SHEPHERD, M.A. GOULDING, K.W.T. and LORD, E.I. (1993). Comparisons of methods for measuring the leaching of mineral nitrogen from arable land. Journal of Soil Science, 44, 49-62.
Subject Keywords: Nitrous oxideCattle slurryArable landFree draining soils
Geographic Keywords: Cheshire
Observed Properties: Ammonia emissionAmmonium-nitrogenApplication methodsApplication timingCrop nitrogen offtakeCrop yieldCropsDry matter contentEmission factorExperimental blockingExperimental treatmentGrain nitrogen offtakeNitrate leachingNitrate-nitrogenNitrogen sourceNitrous oxide mass fluxRainfallReadily available-nitrogenSoil clay contentSoil dry bulk densitySoil organic carbonSoil pHSoil textureTime to incorporationTotal nitrogenTotal organic carbonUric acid-nitrogenYearpH
Parameter: Annual nitrous oxide emission
Parameter: Annual nitrous oxide emission factor (% of total nitrogen applied)
Parameter: Application method
Parameter: Application timing
Parameter: Block number
Parameter: Clay content
Parameter: Crop total nitrogen offtake
Parameter: Crop type
Parameter: Crop yield (85% dry matter)
Parameter: Cumulative ammonia emission
Parameter: Cumulative nitrate leaching loss
Parameter: Grain nitrogen offtake
Parameter: Manure ammonium-N content
Parameter: Manure dry matter
Parameter: Manure nitrate-N content
Parameter: Manure pH
Parameter: Manure total organic carbon
Parameter: Manure uric acid-N content
Parameter: Nitrogen source
Parameter: Previous crop type
Parameter: Rainfall during the experimental period
Parameter: Readily available-nitrogen applied
Parameter: Soil dry bulk density
Parameter: Soil organic carbon
Parameter: Soil pH
Parameter: Soil texture
Parameter: Time to incorporation
Parameter: Total nitrogen applied
Parameter: Treatment
Parameter: Year experiment started

Geographic Extent -
    Longitude (West): -2.53
    Longitude (East): -2.26
    Latitude (South): 52.93
    Latitude (North): 53.09

Phenomenon Time -  Start Date/Time: 2004-11-04 End Date/Time:  2005-10-18
Result Time: 2005-10-18
Valid Time -  Start Date/Time: 2004-11-04 End Date/Time:  2005-10-18
Feature of Interest: biosphere
Publication Date: 2016-09-19

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