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Lower Trent and Erewash catchment

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The River Trent is one of the three largest rivers in the United Kingdom. From its source to the Humber confluence, its length is 274km and including all tributary CAMS catchments, drains an area of more than 10,000km2. Within the Lower Trent & Erewash (LT & E) CAMS area, the River Trent is 174km long with its main tributaries including the rivers Derwent, Soar, Erewash, Leen, Greet, Devon, Idle, Torne and Eau and the Dover Beck. It enters the catchment immediately downstream of its confluence with the River Dove and flows steadily north eastwards until Newark where it turns northwards and continues until it flows into the River Humber at Trent Falls. (EA) Nottinghamshire is the principle county, with parts of Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, South Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire incorporated.

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English catchment basin

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Trent (England)

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