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Title: Eutrophication in controlled waters in the Warwickshire Avon catchment (final report). Vol 1 : report and executive summary
Author: Environment Agency
Document Type: Monograph
Annotation: EA additional title info:
The River Avon was designated a Sensitive Area (Eutrophic) under the UWWT Directive in 1994. A major advance in dealing with the problems of eutrophication (increased phytoplanton blooms, excess macrophyte growth etc.) is the removal of significant levels of phosphate from the major sewage works in the Catchment. Following on from designation as a SA(E) this project was initially designed to: Identify the present levels of phosphate and nitrate in the Avon catchment; Estimate the likely effect of phosphate removal at the major sewage works; Estimate the possible further improvements possible by extending phosphate treatment to smaller sewage works; Identify the other major sources of phosphate and nitrate in the catchment. The project also provides a baseline for assessing the improvements that shall result from phosphate treatment at the major STWs commencing at the end o f 1998. It has also identified a number of areas where additional investigative work may be required to improve the understanding of nutrients in the Avon catchment. This will allow targeting of resources to reduce the input of diffuse phosphate and nitrate to the river.
Publisher: Environment Agency
Publication Date: 1998
Publication Place: Tewkesbury
Subject Keywords: EutrophicationNutrient managementNutrientsPhosphorusNitrogenWater samplingPollutant loadWater pollutionRiversWater qualityWetlands
Geographic Keywords: Warwickshire AvonWarwickshire Avon catchmentBrandon Marsh
Extent: 153
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