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Title: Continuous estimation of river flows
Author: J. Griffiths
Author: V. Keller
Author: D. Morris
Author: A.R. Young
Author: Environment Agency
Document Type: Monograph
Annotation: Environment Agency Project ID:EAPRJOUT_1272, Representation ID: 430, Object ID: 2480
The Environment Agency's Catchment Abstraction Management Strategies (CAMS), implementation of the Habitats Directive and the Water Framework Directive (WFD), and routine abstraction licensing and discharge consenting, all require the Environment Agency to estimate water resources potential for every catchment in England and Wales. This necessitates the estimation of river flows at both gauged and ungauged locations. For some of these activities, such as the setting of discharge consents and licensing of small abstractions, it is sufficient to encapsulate this information using a statistical description of the flow regime such as the flow duration curve. However, for the remaining activities, the use of a time series of river flows is either required, or would be advantageous. The CERF (Continuous Estimation of River Flows) project has been focused on addressing that need. The overarching objective of this project was to develop a methodological framework and suite of tools for continuous estimation of daily time series of flows for ungauged catchments. The CERF model has been extensively validated during the project and has been shown to give results that are stable when applied to independent catchments and that are generally of significantly greater accuracy than current approaches based on the transposition of flow time series from a suitable non-nested analogue catchment. Recommendations are made on when to use the CERF model and when to use transposed data from analogue catchments.
Publisher: Environment Agency
Subject Keywords: RiversCatchment basinsWater resourcesRainfallFlow rateDroughtModellingFreshwater ecology
Geographic Keywords: United Nationsgauged basins
Extent: 40
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