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Title: Broadland flood alleviation strategy : bank strengthening and erosion protection : the programme for flood defence work
Author: Environment Agency
Document Type: Monograph
The River Yare and its two major tributaries, the Waveney and the Bure, drain to the sea through Great Yarmouth in East Anglia. The low lying land surrounding the tidal reaches of these rivers is known as Broadland, an area unlike any other in the country. Flat and low lying, it contains a variety of landscapes and wet-land habitats and supports a wide range of activities. Much of the area is devoted to agriculture but this co-exists with an extensive tourist industry, visitors being attracted by the opportunities offered for boating, walking, fishing and general sightseeing. The major town is Great Yarmouth, an active port and an important supply base for the offshore gas industry. The area forms one of the most important wetland marsh areas in the United Kingdom and in addition to the numerous Sites of Special Scientific Interest was designated an Environmentally Sensitive Area in 1986. Much of Broadland and Great Yarmouth is susceptible to flooding, either from high freshwater river flows or, more frequently, high sea levels. Flood protection is the responsibility of the Agency and at present is provided by flood walls through Great Yarmouth and earth embankments along the rivers in Broadland. The Great Yarmouth defences have recently been upgraded and improved but, apart from routine maintenance and emergency repairs, little work on the Broadland defences has been undertaken since the major flood of 1976, following breaches in the defences at North Breydon. During this period the embankments have settled and their condition has deteriorated so that the risk of overtopping and breaching is now very serious.
Publisher: Environment Agency
Publication Date: [after 1996]
Publication Place: Peterborough
Subject Keywords: FloodingFlood management policiesFlood defence structuresRivers
Geographic Keywords: YareNorfolkBroadland Rivers catchmentWaveney (Suffolk, Norfolk)Bure (Norfolk)
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