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Title: The Economics of No-Spray Zones - a Study of the Risks and Benefits of Pesticide No-Spray Restrictions
Author: A Foottit M Postle
Author: Environment Agency
Document Type: Monograph
Annotation: Environment Agency Project ID:EAPRJOUT_398, Representation ID: 110, Object ID: 1740
Of the 11,500 or so licensed pesticide products in the UK. approximately 120 fungicidal, 72 insecticidal and 129 herbicidal products require the provision of a no-spray zone for pesticide applications on land adjacent to watercourses. This study has been commissioned by the Environment Agency to provide a preliminary examination of the costs, risks and benefits associated with provisions for no-spray zones. The analysis provides a variety of information regarding the effectiveness and cost of current restrictions. It also provides data on the influence of zone size and increases in the number of pesticides covered by restrictions on the effectiveness of no-spray zones as a whole. The following recommenations have been made: - NSZ restrictions next to watercourses should be extended to cover all pesticides and the width of zone should reflect the level of risk reductions that is a) desirable; and b) cost-effective in terms of farmers’ investment. - In order to reduce the costs to farmers associated with NSZ provisions, consideration should be given to an alteration in the current Arable Area Payment Rules to allow farmers to re-distribute setaside land to within field margins and NSZs. This would allow the operation of NSZs without significant costs to the farmer. - Consideration should be given to a scheme aimed at classifying those watercourses which would benefit most from a ‘blanket’ NSZ either in terms of the nature/quality of the watercourse or their geographical area.
Publisher: Environment Agency
Subject Keywords: RiversEstuariesWater reservoirsWater pollutionPesticidesAgricultural pollutionAgricultureBrackishwater environmentFreshwater ecology
Extent: 59
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