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Title: A study of the mayfly parasite Spiriopsis adipophila, Arvy and Peters (1972) (=Sprininella adipophila, Arvy and Delage 1966) in Ephemera danica from the River Pang, a tributary of the River Thames
Author: National Rivers Authority Thames Region
Document Type: Monograph
Annotation: EA additional title info: a study of the mayfly parasite
The mayfly parasite Spiriopsis adipophila was recorded to be present in Ephemera danica larvae taken from the River Pang, a tributary of the River Thames. The geographical distribution of this parasite was found to be uneven along the length of the river such that the intensity of infection was much greater within the E. danica larvae sampled from the downstream sites compared to those taken at the upstream sites. The was no apparent reason for this uneven geographical distribution, as it did not seem to be related to either pollution or the absence of another required host or hosts which the parasite may require to complete its life cycle. Examination of the relationship between E. danica and S. adipophila found that the parasite was overdispersed within the host community and that there was no relationship between the larval length and the intensity of infection. Experimental work with S. adipophila specimens revealed that the parasite was stimulated to uncoil at high temperature (40PC) although no response, measured as a change in morphology, was recorded when exposed to internal and external fish secretions. The presence of an additional membrane boundary layer around the parasite and the possible detection of an intracellular developmental stage were observed through the use of a transmission electron microscope.
Publisher: National Rivers Authority
Publication Date: [1995]
Publication Place: Reading
Subject Keywords: Host parasite relationsSpecies distributionRivers
Geographic Keywords: PangPang, Hughenden, Wye and Lower Middle Thames (South Chilterns) subcatchment
Extent: 65
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