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Title: Kennet catchment : time of travel studies final report
Author: National Rivers Authority
Document Type: Monograph
Wimpey Environmental Ltd was contracted by NRA Thames Region to undertake Time of Travel studies within the Kennet catchment between Marlborough and Reading under low, medium and high flow conditions. The River Kennet, River Lamboum, River Enbome and the Holy Brook were divided into a total of 23 sections bounded by fixed dye injection and monitoring points. The conservative dye tracer rhodamine WT was introduced at the injection point and measured at the monitoring point using a fluorimeter to detect the first arrival and peak arrival times of the dye. Dye releases were conducted in line with NRA guidance in order to minimise the potential impact upon the water intake at Fobney and river users. Although some aesthetic difficulties were encountered in the early stages of the survey, where dye concentration levels where still visible some distance from the injection point, in general most peak dye concentrations at the monitoring points were less than 15 microg/l. During the sensitive summer periods the majority of dye peaks were less than 5microg/l. Work was conducted between June 1994 and May 1995. Time of travel data for low flow conditions were collected in autumn 1994. Data for medium flow conditions were obtained throughout the contract period, with 14 sections undertaken in the summer of 1994, 4 sections in December 1994 and the remaining 5 sections in May 1995. The high flow data were recorded in the winter of 1994/95. This final data report provides a concise overview of the data generated by the study. Details of the methods employed, the dye release programme and the time of travel data plots may be found in the data reports for each flow condition.
Publisher: National Rivers Authority
Publication Date: 1995
Publication Place: Swindon
Subject Keywords: RiversFlow rateTimeMethodsData
Geographic Keywords: EA South EastKennetKennet and Pang catchment
Extent: 5; tables and figures
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