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Title: The behaviour of adult salmon (Salmo salar L.) in the River Tay as determined by radio telemetry
Author: John Webb
Document Type: Monograph
Annotation: Scottish Fisheries Research Report Number 52
Over the course of the summer of 1987 and the spring and early summer of 1988, the Scottish Office Agriculture and Fisheries Department and the Atlantic Salmon Trust monitored the migratory behaviour of adult salmon entering the River Tay in eastern Scotland using radio telemetry. During the course of these studies, attention was focused on determining those factors that affected the migratory behaviour of salmon entering the river at different times of the year. The effect of levels and changes in the regulated main river and tributary flows was also monitored. In this report, further information on the radiotracking study undertaken in 1988 is given, when a further 22 salmon were tagged and their behaviour monitored up to the beginning of the spawning season.
Publisher: The Scottish Office Agriculture and Fisheries Department in Association with the Atlantic Salmon Trust
Publication Date: 1992
Publication Place: Aberdeen
Subject Keywords: Salmon fisheriesTelemetryRiversEstuariesGauging stationsSpatial distribution
Geographic Keywords: Scotland
Taxonomic Keywords: Salmo salarSalmonidae
Extent: 18
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