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Bristol Avon

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The Bristol Avon could be just 19 miles long as this is how far it is between its source at Acton Turville in South Gloucestershire to the Severn Estuary. It has chosen however to take a slightly longer route through Wiltshire and takes a 75 mile course to the sea at Avonmouth. This extended journey makes the Bristol Avon the 19th longest river in the UK. Along its journey the Avon meets a number of tributaries amongst which are the river Marden, Somerset Frome , River Chew, and smaller streams such as the By Brook , Brinkworth Brook and the River Trym. (Bristol Avon Rivers Trust)

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By Brook
Chew (Somerset)
Kennet and Avon Canal
Midford Brook
Severn Estuary

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Avon (Bristol)
Lower Avon
River Avon (Bristol)

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