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Title: Sea Trout Workshop 24-26 October 1984
Author: Welsh Water Authority
Author: Atlantic Salmon Trust Limited
Document Type: Monograph
This report gathers summaries of papers presented at the Sea Trout workshop hold on 24-26 October 1984. Papers presented in this report are: 'Electrophoretic Studies of Brown Trout - Sea Trout. Inter-relationships' by A. Ferguson; 'Intensive electrophoretic survey of Brown Trout and Sea Trout in Western Ireland' by T.F. Cross; 'Paedogenesis in sea trout: some theories' by G.S. Harris; 'Movements of sea trout in the central and southern North Sea' by E.C.E. Potter and D.J. Solomon; 'Sea Trout off the North East Coast of England' by A.S. Champion; 'Observation on upstream movements of adult Sea Trout by radio tracking' by D. Solomon; 'Homing specification among Sea Trout of the River Fowey System' by H. Sambrook; 'Movements of Sea Trout from the River Axe' by E.C.E. Potter; 'The use of resistivity fish counters to monitor upstream movement of Sea Trout' by D. Cragg-Hine; 'Sea trout movements in the estuary and lower reaches of the Afon Glaslyn with special reference to the effects of tidal sluices' by N.J. Milner; 'Erriff Sea Trout: post-smolt maturation and contribution to egg deposition' by M. O'Farrell; 'Rearing and ranching of sea trout (Salmo trutta L.) in the Burrishoole River system' by C.P.R. Mills, D.T. Quigley and T.F. Cross; 'Movement patterns of migratory trout in the Lower Glaslyn Estuary' by R. Brassington; 'The Trout of the Findhu Glen Burn (Tayside)' by A.F. Walker; 'Sea Trout in the Burrishoole River system' by D.J. Piggins; 'Sea Trout of the North Esk' by W.M. Shearer; 'sea feeding behaviour and its consequences for sea trout in the Irish Sea and the Atlantic' by E. Fahy; and 'scale reading and age validation of Sea Trout' by H. Sambrook.
Publisher: Welsh Water Authority and Atlantic Salmon Trust
Publication Date: 1984
Publication Place: Pembroke
Subject Keywords: TroutMigrationElectrophoresisPopulation distributionPopulation dynamicsGeneticsScalesPolymorphismCatchesJuvenilesTelemetrySurvivalFish countersEgg productionSpawningSpawning migrationRearing techniques
Geographic Keywords: WalesUnited KingdomEnglandScotland
Taxonomic Keywords: SalmonidaeSalmo trutta
Extent: 18
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