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Title: Changes in the phosphorus content of the sediment of Esthwaite Water and water quality in response to a decreasing input of sewage-borne phosphorus
Author: S.I. Heaney
Author: J.E. Corry
Author: J.P. Lishman
Author: C. Butterwick
Author: J.F. Talling
Document Type: Monograph
Esthwaite Water is generally agreed to be the most productive or eutrophic lake in Cumbria. The lake is a grade 1 Site of Special Scientific Interest. As a result of discussions between North West Water (NWW), the NCC and the Freshwater Biological Association (FBA), a decision was taken by NWW to prevent most of the sewage-borne phosphorus from entering the lake by undertaking chemical precipitation of this nutrient at the sewage works. At the same time it was agreed that the phosphorus removal would be accompanied by a programme of research to determine the effect of decreasing phosphorus loading to the lake on water quality and algal growth. This research had three objectives. The first was to provide a better determination of the amounts of soluble reactive phosphorus (SRP) and total phosphorus (TP) entering and leaving the lake. The second objective was to determine from regular sampling of the lake any changes of water quality before and after phosphorus removal. The final objective was to determine changes in the sodium hydroxide extractable phosphorus content of the sediment of the lake over a number of years before and after phosphorus removal. The present report presents the results and conclusion from the study of the dynamics of pH-labile phosphorus in the sediment of Esthwaite Water. Related studies elsewhere have been recently reviewed by Marsden in 1989.
Publisher: Freshwater Biological Association
Publication Date: 1990
Publication Place: Ambleside
Subject Keywords: LakesNutrient cycling in ecosystemsNutrientsPhosphorusAnthropogenic factorsFish farmsWastewaterSewagePhosphate phosphorusWater qualitySedimentsTransparency (optical)Chemical monitoringAlgae
Geographic Keywords: CumbriaEnglandEsthwaite Water
Extent: 17; + figures
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