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Title: Blooming weather: Predicting the incidence of summers with high-risk of cyanobacterial blooms
Author: C.S. Reynolds
Document Type: Monograph
This report addresses questions about the occurrence of bloom-forming cyanobacteria (or blue-green algae) that, at times, accumulate at the surfaces of the lakes or reservoirs in which they grow. In particular, it probes the likely incidence of such blooms in the lake to be formed behind the proposed Cardiff Bay Barrage, given that earlier modelled predictions (1-3) indicated a strong dependence upon hydrological conditions obtaining during the growth period. Indeed, it has been argued (2) that hydraulic throughput of the fluvial flow emanating from the Taff and Elai inflows remains the major environmental constraint upon the growth of all planktonic algae in the lake. The various model runs in (2, 3) regularly reveal the clear response of algal biomass to reduction in inflowing discharges during spring, its sensitivity to flushing episodes in summer and autumn and the dependence of the intermediate periods of high biomass upon the length of time separating the relevant events.
Publisher: Freshwater Biological Association
Publication Date: 1988
Publication Place: Ambleside
Subject Keywords: CyanophyceaeAlgaeSeasonal variationsHydrologyNutrientsDiatomsChlorophyll aDroughtForecastingAlgal blooms
Geographic Keywords: Cardiff
Taxonomic Keywords: CyanobacteriaBacillariophyceae
Extent: 25; + figures
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