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Title: Protozoology of landfill
Author: B.J. Finlay
Author: K.J. Clarke
Author: B.M. Simon
Document Type: Monograph
In the last few years it has been recognised that some methanogens also live symbiotically inside free-living anaerobic protozoa. Since the latter are extremely adaptable and demonstrably capable of colonising anaerobic environments, we set out to discover if anaerobic protozoa were also present in landfill. This study had the objectives of establishing the presence or absence of protozoa in landfill, of verifying whether any species present contained methanogen symbionts, and of describing and quantifying the role of protozoan consortia in the generation of methane within landfill.
Publisher: Institute of Freshwater Ecology
Publication Date: 1990
Publication Place: Ambleside
Subject Keywords: ProtozoologyWastesGasesMethaneAnaerobiosisBacteriaOrganic wastesDegradationElectron microscopy
Extent: 72
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