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Title: Automatic identification and enumeration of Algae
Author: J. Hilton
Author: N.B. Hetherington
Author: C.S. Reynolds
Author: G.H.M. Jaworski
Author: E. Rigg
Document Type: Monograph
Annotation: Appendix 1 written by C.R. Cunningham and M.J. Lee
An instrument was built which was capable of recording total fluorescence spectra from live algal suspensions, spectra were obtained from three distinctive species of algae from each of three different classes (green algae, diatoms, blue-green algae). Comparison with published absorption spectra showed that considerable fine structure was present but it was not apparent in any of the visual representations of the total data set. Simple comparisons highlighted spectral regions which allowed differentiation between classes but species differentiation will require automated multivariate techniques. Further work is proposed to find the minimum amount of information which is required to distinguish algae by fluorescence, before incorporating appropriate sensors on a flow cytometer algal counter - sizer - speciation instrument being developed at Strathclyde University.
Publisher: Freshwater Biological Association
Publication Date: 1986
Publication Place: Ambleside
Subject Keywords: FluorescenceAlgaeSpectrometryGreen algaeDiatomsCyanophyceaeData collectionMethodsMethodology
Taxonomic Keywords: CyanobacteriaBacillariophyceae
Extent: 29; + figures and appendices
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