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Title: Evaluation of historical data on the nutrient status of Esthwaite Water, Cumbria
Author: J.F. Talling
Author: S.I. Heaney
Document Type: Monograph
This report reviews and interprets the past scientific records bearing on the changing nutrient status and plant production of the Esthwaite Water, a small lake located in Cumbria. Besides the element of historical description, attention is also given to probable causal relationships. Changes are mostly discussed in relation to time-scales from decades to seasons. Most information relates to concentrations of nutrients and plant numbers or biomass; reliable estimates of material fluxes, of undisputed importance, are few.
Publisher: Freshwater Biological Association
Publication Date: 1983
Publication Place: Ambleside
Subject Keywords: Historical researchNutrientsBenthic environmentLakesPhytoplanktonChemical compositionPlant growth substancesSeasonal variationsTransparency (optical)Macrophytes
Geographic Keywords: CumbriaEsthwaite Water
Taxonomic Keywords: BacillariophyceaeDaphniaDinoflegellata
Extent: 44; + tables and figures
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