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Title: Diplostomum spathaceum miracidium
Description: The miracidium is usually a free swimming ciliated larval stage of a digenean's life cycle which seeks out the primary intermediate host i.e. molluscs. Once within the mollusc host the miracidium sheds its ciliated plates and transforms into a sporocyst or redia (endoparasitic stage). This image shows the anterior apical complex, eyespots and the cilia used for locomotion.
Photographer: Roger Sweeting
Curator: Freshwater Biological Association
Copyright Holder: Freshwater Biological Association
Publisher: Freshwater Biological Association
Note (original item): Record creation date:2008-08-19 14:18:40
Subject Keywords: sporocyst; Life cycle; miracidium
Taxonomic Keywords: Digenea; Diplostomum
Taxonomic Depictions: Diplostomum spathaceum

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