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Title: Seismic Studies on Lake District Lakes 1983 & 1987
Related Party - Individual (Author): Professor Gerald Sargent (University of Queensland)
Related Party - Organisation (Author): Freshwater Biological Association
Related Party - Individual (Author): Doctor Elizabeth Haworth* (Freshwater Biological Association) Email address:
Seismic surveys of several Cumbrian lakes - Windermere, Ullswater, Wastwater, Ennerdale Water, Crummock Water, Esthwaite Water, Coniston Water - were conducted in 1983 and 1987 by Professor Gerald E.G. Sargent of Queensland University, Australia. In 1983 systematic seismic traverses were made of Coniston and Esthwaite Water using a high resolution boomer. Precision position fixing by Decca Trisponder was employed. Uncontrolled but systematic traverses were also made of Windermere in 1983. In 1987 further systematic surveys of Windermere - with precision position fixing being used for the southern basin - were carried out. For the first time systematic seismic traverses were made - using precision position fixing and high resolution equipment - of Wastwater, Ennerdale Water, Crummock Water, and Ullswater. Seismic signatures of the High Resolution Seismic Source at various depths were recorded for future analysis. All research was conducted in conjunction with the Freshwater Biological Association. This collection of datasets is comprised of the original seismic surveys conducted by Prof. Sargent in addition to various notes and correspondence related to this research held in the Freshwater Biological Association archives.
Subject Keywords: SeismologyLakesSurveys
Geographic Keywords: Lake District (England)CumbriaWindermereUllswaterConiston WaterEsthwaite WaterWastwaterEnnerdale WaterCrummock WaterUnited Kingdom
Time Window -  Start: 1983 End: 1987
Publication Date: 2015-12-22

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