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Title: Regulation of dioxin releases from the Runcorn operations of ICI and EVC
Author: Environment Agency North West Region
Document Type: Monograph
This report informs about the toxicity of dioxins and dioxin releases at the Runcorn plant of Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI). ICI and EVC at Runcorn operate processes for the production of the chemicals Vinyl Chloride, Perchloroethylene, Trichloroethylene, CTF and chlorine. All these processes form very small quantities of dioxins as unwanted by-products. At present, the sites largest dioxin arising (some 500 grams Toxic Equivalent (TEQ)/year) is in heavy organic residues which are sent to the Holford brine cavities for secure containment. There are relatively minor releases to the air and water environments. Dioxins may also have been released to the local environment from historical operations. Major environmental improvements are being made on the site through the installation of three incinerators. Local air quality, the ozone layer and global warming will all benefit from a 90% reduction in the emission of chlorinated hydrocarbons to air. Discharges to water will be cut by 80% and this will enable the Weston Canal to comply with water quality standards. The incinerators will also provide for the discontinuation of waste disposal at Weston Marsh Lagoons and Holford brine cavities. The levels of dioxin in local air and soil are typical of an urban environment and do not give cause for concern. Sediments in the Weston Canal show elevated dioxin levels due to site releases, but these sediments are periodically dredged for disposal in Frodsham Marsh Lagoon where they are effectively isolated from the environment. Dioxins found in River Weaver sediments and local soils do not appear to have a significant contribution from process releases.
Publisher: Environment Agency
Publication Date: 1997
Publication Place: Warrington
Subject Keywords: DioxinsToxic substancesIndustry regulationWaste disposalAir qualityCanals
Geographic Keywords: RuncornWeaver (Cheshire)
Extent: 36
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