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Title: Working together for the coast : catchment, shoreline and estuary management plans
Author: I. Paterson
Document Type: Monograph
Estuary Shoreline and Estuary Management Plans are three initiatives which have developed independently to meet different roles, and each can be produced for the same stretch of coast. This could lead to duplication of work, potential conflict between plans, confusion between plan consultees and those involved managing the coast. Guidance from government indicates that these plans should be prepared with the aim of an integrated approach to coastal management; Guidance on the preparation of each of these Plans is available elsewhere, but no specific guidance is available on how they may be integrated. This paper seeks to summarise and clarify the roles of each Plan, identifies areas of overtap between the Plans and mechanisms for producing a more integrated approach which could produce complementary Plans. Analysis of each Plan has identified particular products which each Plan can produce eg strategic objectives or actions which can be adopted or used subsequently by other Plans. Integration can be further assisted by utilising common environmental data for each Plan, involving those who have prepared one of the other Plans, and in the consultation procedures. Individual Plans should cleariy identify their roles and responsibilities with respect to other Plans. If an objective or issue identified in the preparation of a Plan falls outside its remit or is best addressed through one of the other Ians, then it should delegate the responsibility and identify an action for the other Plan accordingly. Taken together these steps should produce complimentary Plans which produce an integrated approach to managing the coast.
Publisher: Environment Agency
Publication Date: 1996
Publication Place: [Bristol]
Subject Keywords: Environmental planningCatchment Management PlansEnvironment AgencyEnvironmental policiesEstuary Management PlansShoreline Management Plans
Extent: 15
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