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Title: IMPACTS - Interactive Monitoring using Prediction and Classification Techniques - A Review of Monitoring Tools and Datasets Relating to Freshwater Environments
Author: J A B Bass
Author: Environment Agency
Document Type: Monograph
Annotation: Environment Agency Project ID:EAPRJOUT_1421, Representation ID: 479, Object ID: 2576
The content of two monitoring reviews were assessed (”Bridging the Gap”,1998; ”Monitoring for What?”, 1999), also information gaps were assessed that related to implementation of the forthcoming European Water Framework Directive. Other sources of information considered in this review include: the Agency R & D CD-ROM (June 2000); a guide to 9 databases (issued by the Performance Monitoring Group); the PREMIS Technical Manual (a Water Quality Sampling database providing a pre-archive management information system); an Access database recording the Year-2000 compliance/non-compliance status of Environment Agency software and datasets. The main conclusions and recommendations were: - Widespread format incompatibility between datasets and databases is encountered, both within and outside the Environment Agency. - There is scope for greater awareness of datasets/monitoring tools and their potential to inform decisions throughout the Environment Agency, at all levels. - There is a need to deliver information in different ways to fulfil both national and local requirements within the Environment Agency. - The review failed to access and compare the charateristics of Environment Agency databases to the extent anticipated in the project aims. - There is scope for an improvement in cross-comparisons of datasets and information retrieval mechanisms within the Environment Agency. - Accessible and compatible data formats are required to improve the effectiveness of using datasets and monitoring tools in a cross-function context within the Environment Agency. - From the outset, software/database design requires close collaboration of software writers/database managers and end-users.
Publisher: Environment Agency
Subject Keywords: Freshwater ecologyDataDatabasesWater qualityData collectionClassification systems
Extent: 35
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