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Title: Assessing the impact of sewage effluent disposal on groundwater (phase 2): final report
Author: Trick J K
Author: Pickup R
Author: Heaton T E
Author: Noy D J
Author: Environment Agency
Document Type: Monograph
Annotation: Environment Agency Project ID:EAPRJOUT_1068, Representation ID: 327, Object ID: 2341
This report provides a written record of the site investigation undertaken at The Goodens, Cheriton, as part of Environment Agency Project SC010070 (P2-229/2): Assessing the impact of sewage effluent disposal on groundwater. The project aims to characterise and quantify the impacts on groundwater from a small septic tank sewage treatment system discharge sited on a vulnerable Chalk aquifer. Overall, there is very little chemical or biological evidence that the septic tank effluent impacts the chalk aquifer. Hydraulic tests show hydraulic conductivity values for the site to be in the upper range of literature values and indicate relatively high flow rates in the chalk. These results suggest that beneath the outflow pipes there is a fast vertical flow because of the fissuring, which allows rapid transport to the water table. Contaminants move preferentially thorough the fissures and are likely to disperse rapidly and thus reduce the impact on the aquifer, as appears to be the case at Cheriton.
Publisher: Environment Agency
Subject Keywords: GroundwaterSewage treatmentEnvironmental factorsPathogensSeptic tanksEffluentsFreshwater ecology
Geographic Keywords: Kent (county)
Extent: 79
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