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Title: Risks of Contaminated Land to Buildings, Building Materials and Services A Literature Review
Author: Stephen Garvin
Author: Richard Hartless
Author: Mike Smith
Author: Steven Manchester
Author: Paul Tedd
Author: Environment Agency
Document Type: Monograph
Annotation: Environment Agency Project ID:EAPRJOUT_476, Representation ID: 153, Object ID: 1815
This literature review is concerned with the risks from contaminated land to buildings, building materials and services and provides a summary of relevant international literature that is available on the subject. The report is structured into five sections, as follows: Section 1 Section 2 Section 3 Section 4 Section 5 Introduction Building materials in contaminated land Subterranean fires Building on fill Expansive slags In 1994 the Building Research Establishment (BRE) published BRE Report, BR255, the performance of building materials in contaminated land. This was an extensive report covering the mechanisms of chemical attack by contaminants on building materials and aspects of risk management. In the intervening period there has been research reported on the performance of building materials in aggressive environments. Whilst not all of this research is specific to the contaminated land environment, other aggressive situations are relevant and guidance can be developed from these situations. The sections on subterranean fires and risks posed by expansive slags cover specific problems. Whilst these risks are of concern they affect only a limited number of contaminated sites in the United Kingdom. In addition, the volume of literature that has been published on these aspects is small by comparison with aggressive attack on building materials. Geotechnical risks are not unique to contaminated ground. All sites should be assessed with regard to the presence of fill or other potential hazards. Consequently, the section on geotechnical risks provides only a brief resume of the current situation. The review process comprised the following stages: a a a Extensive searching of Chemical Abstracts, BRIX (building research index) and other databases has been undertaken. Papers gathered by BRE in recent years have also been included. Identification was made of several hundred potentially useful papers through these sources. A sifting process that used the abstracts of the papers to narrow this review to one hundred papers. These papers were ordered and reviewed (in addition, a number of others were already known to BRE, e.g. work by the Water Research Centre (WRc) and the Construction Industry Research and Information Association (CIRIA)). Preparation of this review included adding nearly 60 papers on top of those already cited in BRE Report BR255 (1994) all of which remain valid sources of reference. The health and safety risks of landfill gas to building occupants are widely acknowledged. However, this review does not attempt to cover these issues as they are well covered elsewhere and guidance on protection of buildings and risk assessment has been developed. The report has been structured so that each section can be used as a stand-alone document. References, tables and figures are grouped at the end of each section. R and D Technical Report P331 Page 1 Keywords Buildings Rubbers Combustible Materials Sulfate Contaminated Land Sulfide Contaminants Acid Contamination Chloride Concrete Risk Brick Hazard Blocks Subterranean Fires Mortar Fill Steel Blastfurnace Slag Copper Steelmaking Slag Lead Steel Slag Plastics Reinforced Concrete R and D Technical Report P331 Page 2 1
Publisher: Environment Agency
Subject Keywords: Lead; Copper; Chloride; Contaminated land; Contamination; Buildings; Combustible materials; Concrete; Brick; Blocks; Mortar; Steel; Plastics; Reinforced concrete; Rubbers; Sulfate; Sulfide acid; Risk hazard; Subterranean fires; Fill; Blastfurnace slag; Steel
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