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Title: Transport velocities in Lincoln division : streams I report
Author: A.D. Knighton
Author: R. Cryer
Document Type: Monograph
While river pollution from diffuse sources such as agricultural fertilizers is an increasing problem for water managers, a potentially more serious threat comes from the unforeseen pollution associated with occasional spillages into watercourses. Such spillages may arise, accidentally or deliberately, from industrial plants, agricultural operations, road traffic accidents or even sewage works. They can present serious problems to downstream water users and it is necessary to have an adequate means of predicting the downstream passage of a soluble pollutant, especially along rivers with public water supply intakes. That need is the basis for this report. Prediction of travel times can also help to identify the source of a pollutant, which may result in subsequent legal proceedings against the offender. Indeed the 1985 pollution incident in Torrington Beck provided a major incentive for this study. Results from there suggested that at a station mean velocity values are an unreliable basis for estimating travel times over long distances. Reach measurements are required. The overall purpose of this project is to provide a numerical model which can be used to estimate transport velocities and travel times in Lincoln Division streams draining areas of up to 100 km squared.
Publisher: National Rivers Authority
Publication Date: 1989
Publication Place: Sheffield
Subject Keywords: StreamsPollutantsVelocityModelling
Geographic Keywords: Lymn (Lincolnshire)WithamWitham catchmentLincolnshire
Extent: 45; + appendices
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