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Title: The faunal richness of headwater streams. Stage 3 : impact of agricultural activities. Volume 2 : appendices (Note 392)
Author: M.T. Furse
Author: K.L. Symes
Author: J.M. Winder
Author: R.T. Clarke
Author: J.H. Blackburn
Author: R.J.M. Gunn
Author: N.J. Grieve
Author: M. Hurley
Document Type: Monograph
Volume two of the report on faunal richness in headwater streams contains nine appendices. The first appendix deals with the names, locations and sampling dates of all 131 sampling sites. Appendix two covers land survey procedures and appendix three covers river corridor survey procedures. Appendix four contains full taxon lists for headwater samples for various rivers, five contains the biological quality measure, six the environmental characteristics of all 131 sites. Appendix seven details the alkalinity and nitrate values for the sites. Appendices eight and nine contain the distribution of land cover types and unclassified land types in catchments and stream corridors respectively. Appendix ten details the length of single stream banks with buffer zones in six width categories, underground channels or unclassified buffer characteristics. Appendices ten and eleven outline the number of occurrences of a range of potential sources of perturbation in catchments and stream corridors respectively.
Subject Keywords: Agricultural wastesStreamsSpecies (taxa)DataSampling
Geographic Keywords: CamDerwent (Yorkshire)WalesStour (Dorset)
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