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Title: Chlorophyll a : SCA method revision (395/2/A) : draft project report
Author: National Rivers Authority
Document Type: Monograph
The SCA standard method for the analysis of chlorophyll has been revised and supplied in this draft project report in draft form. Two points must be made clear. First, this draft will be submitted to the SCA for peer review and revision. Secondly the draft has been included as an appendix since the format and general layout conforms to SCA standards rather than those of the NRA. The main method proposed remains the traditional solvent extraction method. The primary solvent recommended has been changed to ethanol to conform to European continental recommended methods and also to ease problems arising with COSHH regulations. Methods involving methanol and acetone are still included for those with specific requirements but the advantages and disadvantages are clearly shown. The section on correcting chlorophyll estimates for pigment breakdown products has been absorbed into the main section. This greatly simplifies the whole document. A new introductory section on high performance liquid chromatography has been included. No attempt has been made to give a completely detailed method. The equipment requires a high level of technical expertise and since it is considerably slower than the classical methods, it assumed that the method will not be used for most routine surveillance operations.
Publisher: National Rivers Authority
Publication Date: Bristol
Publication Place: 1992
Subject Keywords: ChlorophyllsSpectrometryFluorimetryHPLCToxic substances
Extent: 49
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