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Title: Draft list of potential target contaminants of fish tissue : interim report (397/4/ST)
Document Type: Monograph
This note is abstracted from an interim report of current progress in the project 'Body burdens in Fish’. It describes, briefly, the processes involved in prioritising an extensive list of chemical compounds which, if discharged into surface waters, are potential contaminants of fish tissues. This is a key stage in the development of a cost effective strategy for monitoring the tissues of freshwater fish in the UK. Compounds have been selected on the basis of four criteria: toxicity, propensity for biaccumulation, persistence in the environment and extent of use. The exercise effectively reduced an initial list of more than 700 chemical compounds to a group of 16 which will form, though not exclusively, the core targets around which the sampling strategy will be constructed.
Publisher: National Rivers Authority
Publication Date: 1992
Publication Place: Bristol
Subject Keywords: Freshwater fishesChemical compoundsFish diseasesEnvironmental monitoringWater qualityToxicity
Extent: 61
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