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Title: Low flow estimation in artificially influenced catchments : interim report December 1992
Author: A. Bullock
Author: A. Gustard
Author: K. Irving
Author: A. Young
Author: B. Clausen
Author: A. Sekulin
Document Type: Monograph
This report is the second annual Interim Report of the three year NRA R and D contract studying 'Low flow estimation in artificially influenced catchments'. This contract is aimed at the development of MICRO LOW FLOWS software so that artificial influences can be incorporated into design procedures. MICRO LOW FLOWS for low flow estimation in natural catchments has been developed since 1988 and the sequence of development and the status of software installation in England and Wales are reviewed in Chapter 2. MICRO LOW FLOWS provides access to databases of gauged flow statistics and spot current meterings (Chapter 3) from natural and artificially influenced catchments to supplement the catchment characteristic based low flow estimation procedure.As the basis for the estimation of low flows in artificially influenced catchments, MICRO LOW FLOWS possesses the facility to bulk load archives of abstraction, discharges and reservoir information (Chapter 4), with associated editing facilities. Whilst MICRO LOW FLOWS is the vehicle for estimating artificially influenced low flows, there has been a need to develop design procedures and methods of incorporating artificial data. Chapter 5 describes procedures developed for evaluating the impact of groundwater abstractions upon low flows, expressed in terms of a Stream Depletion Factor, which distributes the abstracted volume as a monthly reduction in streamflow. Surface water abstractions, and adjusted groundwater abstractions upstream of an ungauged site can be combined to construct a monthly artificial influence profile (Chapter 6). Natural monthly low flow statistics are estimated at ungauged sites(Chapter 7),and these are combined (Chapter 8) with the monthly artificial influence profiles to estimate artificially influenced low flow statistics at ungauged sites. In addition to the presentation of estimated low flow statistics at a single ungauged site, MICRO LOW FLOWS has been developed to construct residual flow diagrams for the more complex display of artificially influenced low flows (Chapter 9). This project is due for completion in December 1993, and Chapter 10 contains forecast activities during 1993, and Chapter 11 presents long-term research activities which will not be achieved during this contract.
Publisher: National Rivers Authority
Publication Date: 1992
Publication Place: Bristol
Subject Keywords: Flow rateHydrometryWater abstractionGroundwater monitoringForecastingDischarge (hydrology)
Extent: 31; + appendices
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