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Title: Flood defence levels of service : stage 2 annex E (Note 127) : asset assessment
Author: National Rivers Authority
Document Type: Monograph
This Annex is one of five Annexes which, together, provide a description of a method of applying a flood defence levels of service strategy. The overall system is described in the main report which contains references to the other Annexes where appropriate. This particular annex deals with the method devised for assessing adequacy of service provision of flood defence assets. Two methods have been considered, the more complex of these is not recommended at this stage. It’s extensive data requirement involves subjectivity judgments to identify a number of conditions for each asset. A number of R and D initiatives to develop methods to reduce this subjectivity are underway and until such time as they are completed, estimated at 1994, it is believed inappropriate to proceed this methodology further. For reference the approach is described in detail in appendix 1 of this annex. For the interim it is recognised that a simple and low resource requirement system is required to ensure the asset condition is considered. The method devised to incorporate this aspect in to the levels of service system is detailed in this annex.
Publisher: National Rivers Authority
Publication Place: Bristol
Subject Keywords: Flood defence structuresFlood management policiesRisk assessmentDecision makingStandards
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