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Title: The Wandle, Beverley Brook, Hogsmill catchment management plan : report on formal consultation response to : response to Wandle/Beverley/Hogsmill CMP catchment management report November 1994
Author: National Rivers Authority Thames Region
Document Type: Monograph
The Wandle, Beverley, Hogsmill CMP Consultation Report was launched on the 14th November 1994 and the formal consultation period ended on the 31st January 1995 . 107 (60% of the consultees) responded, 62% of these within the consultation period. The consultation process confirmed: the 3 most contentious issues related to improved river water quality downstream of the TWUL STWs on all three rivers; the half-tide wier (and micro-turbine) at the mouth of the River Wandle and the percieved impact of groundwater abstraction on spring-fed ponds on the upper reaches of the River Wandle; a natural grouping of the 30 issues identified in the consultation report into 8 principal aims; 4 new issues for the NRA CMP working party to consider; 11 additional options for consideration under issues already identified in the Consultation Report; support for the content/style of the text and maps in the Consultation Report; 5 key recommendations for improved consultation in future.
Publisher: National Rivers Authority
Publication Date: 1994
Publication Place: Sunbury-on-Thames
Subject Keywords: Catchment Management PlansWater qualityWater abstractionWater resources
Geographic Keywords: WandleBeverley Brook (London)HogsmillLondon catchment
Extent: 10; + appendices
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