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Title: Investigate the feasibility of applying quality methods and standards within the water resources function.
Author: P.A. Birchall
Document Type: Monograph
The importance of quality as an objective, within British industry is now widely recognised. In todays business environment organisations, companies, and government authorities have to strive for a competitive edge . Quality , economy, effectiveness and efficiency, can provide the means to achieve it. Customers are no longer regarding only the price of products or services as the major contributing factor to their final choice. Instead they are putting more emphasis on quality. It's obvious therefore that we are undergoing a period of change which affects any business, organisation and person, all of whom must strive for continuous quality improvement in order to remain competitive. Quality systems in all types of business helps to improve the effectiveness , flexibility and competitiveness of that business as a whole and involves every department, activity, task and every single person at all levels. This requires all parts of the business must work together because every activity and every person affects and in turn is affected by others.
Publisher: National Rivers Authority
Publication Date: 1993
Publication Place: Warrington
Subject Keywords: Water resourcesBusiness managementQuality controls
Extent: 40
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