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Title: Water resources development strategy : the Resplan Model. Supplementary report no. 7
Author: C. Page
Document Type: Monograph
Annotation: EA additional title info: an environmentally sustainable water resources development strategy for England an Wales
This report is the Seventh in a series of nine supplementary reports which provide supporting information for the National Rivers Authority Water Resources Development Strategy document: "An Environmentally Sustainable Water Resources Strategy for England and Wales". RESPLAN is a computer model which is used to analyse the costs of development plans to meet future demands for water. It is essentially concerned with the choice and timing of long term strategic capital investments, and does not include hydrological or water quality aspects, which are considered in other types of model. The main reasons for using a model such as RESPLAN are: the amount of work involved in manually costing a plan; the large number of options to be considered; the interlinked nature of water resource systems, in which apparently local decisions may influence opportunities for the rest of the system; the ease with which sensitivity analyses can be carried out; and the ease with which plans can be updated as data are changed. The purpose of this report is to explain the main features of RESPLAN used during the National Strategy work, and to document the data used and the results obtained. More detailed documentation of RESPLAN is available in references 3,4 and 5.
Publisher: National Rivers Authority
Publication Date: 1994
Publication Place: Bristol
Subject Keywords: Water resourcesWater supplyWater useWater managementSustainable developmentPlansCostsComputer programmingModels
Geographic Keywords: EnglandWales
Extent: 9; + appendices
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