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Title: NRA guidance on the acceptable leachable values for contaminated material to be deposited in Upper Tame catchment
Author: National Rivers Authority
Document Type: Monograph
The NRA has a statutory duty to protect and maintain the quality of all controlled waters which includes surface waters and groundwaters. This duty is specified in the Water Resources Act 1991. In order to minimise the risk to the water environment from the deposition of contaminated material both in landfills and during redevelopment work on contaminated sites it is necessary to ensure that the soluble constituents of such material are kept down to an acceptable level, that is the substances which can be leached out of the material. Due to the increasing number of contaminated land sites being redeveloped and the increasing economic pressures , to contaminated material as close to its original location as possible, the NRA has devised a method which-can be used to assess acceptability of contaminated material. The scheme involves assessing the leachable or soluble content of the contaminated material to be deposited and comparing these results with the acceptable quality for discharge into the watercourses in the Upper Tame Catchment. This is the only catchment so far considered due to the large number of developments occurring within a relatively small area and the need for a consistent approach by the NRA.
Publisher: National Rivers Authority
Publication Date: 1994
Publication Place: Bristol
Subject Keywords: Surface waterGroundwaterEnvironmental protectionWaste disposalContaminationGuidelines
Geographic Keywords: EA MidlandsTame (West Midlands)Upper Tame Birmingham and Black Country subcatchment
Extent: n.p. [19]
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