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Title: Biosensors for environmental monitoring : a review of capabilities and strategies for the future : consultant's report to the NRA
Author: R.W. Bogue
Document Type: Monograph
Biosensors are a class of molecular sensors that have enjoyed much recent success in the clinical diagnostics field. Recent developments suggest that they are now poised to exert a similar impact on environmental monitoring practices. Their use of biochemical reactions, combined with modern sensor technologies and electronics, confers the potential to quantify rapidly and cost-effectively a wide range of analytes of environmental interest. It has long been recognised that biosensors may offer prospects for use by the National Rivers Authority. Despite some preliminary work by the NRA, no comprehensive appraisal has been made of their potential. This study makes such an appraisal and proposes a strategy for the development and deployment of biosensors.
Publisher: Environment Agency
Publication Date: 1996
Publication Place: [Bath]
Subject Keywords: Environmental monitoringTechniquesBiosensorsStrategiesPesticidesOxygenToxicityGases
Extent: 64; + appendix
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