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Title: Business strategy : final Aug 1998
Author: National Centre for Risk Analysis and Options Appraisal
Document Type: Monograph
The National Centre for Risk Analysis and Options Appraisal was established in May 1997, to provide expertise in risk assessment, economic appraisal, environmental forecasting, policy evaluation, and options appraisal. The overall objective of the National Centre is : ‘To assess and quantify risks to the environment, and provide guidance on methods fo r their reduction, such that industry and society bear a justifiable level o f cost and the Agency maximises its contribution to sustainable development. ” The Centre has overall responsibility for the third of four Frameworks established to underpin the Environmental Strategy. These frameworks provide a logical approach to assessing the environment, the pressures placed upon it, and the action that the Agency may wish to take. The first (“Viewpoints”) assesses the state of the environment, the second (“Stresses and Strains”) considers the pressures that are affecting it, the third (“Risks and Values”) looks at options, for taking action, and the fourth allows the Agency to deliver the right responses through environmental management. The third Framework was approved by the Agency’s Board in February 1998. The key areas of work that the Centre will be involved with, in order of precedence, are:- • Overall responsibility for the third Framework • Supporting the nine key environmental themes • Assessing the impact of future developments upon both the environment and the Agency - national and international • Trialing its new techniques on specific operational needs, then handing over to Regions and Areas for routine implementation. The Centre will be involved in application of techniques on operational issues that have national or supra-Regional significance.
Publisher: Environment Agency
Publication Date: 1998
Publication Place: London
Subject Keywords: Business plansNational / Regional unitsEnvironment AgencyRisk assessmentEnvironmental impact
Extent: 12; + tables
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