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Title: State of the environment report for Thames Region : first update 2001
Author: Environment Agency Thames Region
Document Type: Monograph
This report focuses upon Thames Region, one of the Agency's eight Regions covering England and Wales. Environmental data sets are collected by a multitude of different organisations. The report concentrates on Agency's specific areas of environmental responsibility. However, where appropriate this is set in a wider environmental context to provide a more meaningful commentary. This report presents environmental data for the Region using a state-pressure-response format. This report also highlights some of the issues facing the Region which are of greatest concern, for example, where the current state of the environment is unacceptable and where the pressures on the environment are increasing. This report is the first update of the original State of the Environment Report published in 1998. Whilst this is a relatively short time period in which to monitor significant changes in the state of the environment, the report outlines the Region's commitment to identifying and monitoring change. The report is divided into five main parts: background to the report (it's a summary of the context of the report); Thames Region's environment (A description of the Region, its physical structure, natural resources, population, economy and administrative framework); the key environmental indicators; trends and issues for the Region (a review of the environmental trends emerging and the major issues facing the Region); the way forward (a summary of the key challenges for the Region and recommendations for future state of the environment reporting in the Region).
Publisher: Environment Agency
Publication Date: 2001
Publication Place: Reading
Subject Keywords: Environmental managementAnnual reports
Geographic Keywords: EA South EastThamesCotswolds catchmentUpper Thames subcatchmentBerkshireMaidenhead to Sunbury catchmentUpper Lee catchmentCherwell catchmentMole catchmentMedway catchmentLoddon catchmentKennet and Pang catchmentLondon catchmentWey catchmentVale of White Horse catchmentThame and South Chilterns catchmentColne catchment
Extent: 82
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