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Title: Wensum catchment sampling stations
Related Party - Organisation (Author): Wensum Alliance
The Wensum DTC’s monitoring kiosks contain several different sets of monitoring equipment measured at 30 minute resolution. The YSI 6600 multi-parameter sonde measures temperature, turbidity, electrical conductivity, chlorophyll-a, pH and dissolved oxygen. Stage height is measured by a pressure transducer housed in a stilling well. Flow is estimated by Doppler flow meters including the Sontek IQ and Argonaut. Analogues (nutrients) are measured which include total phosphorus and total reactive phosphorus using a Hach Lange Phosphax Sigma analyser, nitrate is measured using a Nitratax SC optical probe. Further information regarding monitoring equipment is available in the supporting documentation Water samples are laboratory analysed from our monitoring points at a lower resolution. The laboratory measurements can include major ions, phosphorus and nitrogen fractions, alkalinity, pH and more. Monitoring kiosks also contain ISCO automatic samplers often triggered during storm events to capture hydrochemical parameters of storm water at high resolution.
Subject Keywords: Water qualityWater quality measurementsWater samplingAgricultureNitratesPhosphorusMonitoringCatchment Based Approach
Geographic Keywords: WensumNorfolkEast AngliaUnited KingdomCatchment basin
Time Window -  Start: 2011 End: 2015
Publication Date: 2015-11-13

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