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Pow Beck Outlet YSI Sonde Dataset

Related Party - Individual (Project Scientist): Doctor Nick Barber (Durham University) Email address:
Related Party - Organisation (Deliverer): Eden DTC
The Pow Beck Catchment Outlet monitoring kiosk contains a 6600 multi-parameter sonde, housed in a flow-through cell. The YSI sonde measures turbidity, electrical conductivity, pH, chlorophyll-a and dissolved oxygen at 30 minute resolution. Further information regarding monitoring equipment is available in the supporting documentation. Monitoring kiosks also contain ISCO automatic samplers periodically triggered during storm events to capture hydrochemical parameters of storm water at high resolution.

Subject Keywords: TurbiditypHElectrical conductivityDissolved oxygenChlorophyll aWater quality measurementsWater temperature
Geographic Keywords: Eden (river, Cumbria)EnglandCumbria
Phenomenon Time -  Start Date/Time: 2011-09-14 09:30:00

Geographic Extent -
    Longitude (West): -2.959480
    Longitude (East): -2.954201
    Latitude (South): 54.839533
    Latitude (North): 54.843141

Vertical Coordinate Reference System
Data Quality Statement:
Data collection in the EdenDTC project is subjected to rigorous Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) procedures. QA is carried out to ensure that accurate, reliable data is recorded in the field – this involves periodic maintenance of the site (e.g., vegetation removal, checking channel cross-sections for physical changes), and the downloading, maintenance and calibration (where necessary) of monitoring instruments (principally rain gauges, stream gauges, automatic weather stations, and water quality monitoring equipment). The calibration of in-situ water quality monitoring equipment is carried out by trained technical staff, according to the manufactures specifications. All field work and maintenance activities are entered into maintenance logs for each site, which are used during data quality control (QC) procedures. QC is implemented on all data after its collection, the method of which varies according to the environmental variable in question. The overall goal is to ensure that data are accurate and representative. In-situ water quality data (measured chiefly by YSI multi-parameter sondes, Hach Lange nitrate and phosphorus analysers, and turbidity sensors) are cross-referenced with manually collect water samples, which are analysed in a certified laboratory using reference analytical methods (this is particularly relevant for nutrient and suspended sediment determinands). QC also includes the identification of errors in all data sets (due to equipment or power failures, data below limits of detection, instrument drift, etc.). Data known as being non-representative and/or including errors is manually flagged as ‘critical’ and is subsequently removed from the series. Copies of the QC error code files can be found for each piece of monitoring equipment. Any adjustments made to data (e.g., time stamp correction, systematic concentration step-change) will be detailed in a separate document found with a specific site/instrument.
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Rights Statement

This data is published under the licence FBA Licence

Attribution: EdenDTC

Citation of this data should be as follows:
EdenDTC (2016): Pow Beck Outlet YSI Sonde Dataset. Version:1. [dataset] Freshwater Biological Association [publisher]. doi:10.17865/dtceden175

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