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Title: Salmon stocks: a genetic perspective
Author: N.P. Wilkins
Document Type: Monograph
The problems of Data Collection, Economic Evaluation of Fisheries and Stock Enhancement have already been discussed at workshops and from these come recommendations for action by relevant authorities or for investigations of some urgency. Furthermore, scientists are convinced that they can make a useful contribution by discriminating information about the latest developments in knowledge, which bear importantly upon the problems of preserving salmon stocks. As part of this, the author intends to ask experts to give him their views on what is now known about specific topics and their significance for the conservation of salmon. With salmon catches in many rivers in decline and with serious depletion of Spring running fish, thoughts have turned to an intensification of stocking as one possible remedy, but stocking would have to be on a much more massive scale than in the past to have any chance of success. This would be likely to involve quite large transfers of eggs or juvenile stock from natal to non-natal rivers. A possible additional source of "foreign" stock is the salmon farming industry. Fish biologists warn of possible long-term dire genetic consequences of such transfers. Some take the view that, whilst ideally such stocking is undesirable in rivers that are in a reasonable state of productivity, conditions are not ideal and that the dire consequences of the more immediate threat are likely to be the decimation of stocks. Stocking may be the only immediate remedy.
Publisher: Atlantic Salmon Trust
Publication Date: 1983
Publication Place: Pitlochry
Subject Keywords: Salmon fisheriesGeneticsStock assessmentRiver fisheriesFish migrationMarine fisheriesGenotypesPopulation structureFish farms
Geographic Keywords: United KingdomEuropeNorth America
Taxonomic Keywords: Salmo salarSalmonidae
Extent: 30
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