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The FBA arranges a variety of national and international meetings (by itself or jointly with others), and runs general and specialist courses in freshwater biology.

Scientific meetings include our Annual Scientific Meeting, the prestigious international summit series ‘FBA Conferences in Aquatic Biology', and regional meetings inthe north-east of England to complement independent Regional Freshwater Groups in other areas of the country.  From time to time we also hold joint meetings with other scientific societies.

In an international context, the FBA joins with other leading national associations in the Federation for European Freshwater Sciences (EFFS), to organise the biennial Symposium for European Freshwater Sciences (SEFS).

We offer a range of training courses specially developed for enthusiasts and professionals.  Tutored by some of the top experts in their fields, these include both introductory and advanced courses in the identification of freshwater plants and animals, as well as freshwater ecology.  We are also involved in various education and outreach activities to promote freshwater biology in the wider community.

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