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SPEC 5. The Microbiological Quality of Water

Edited by D.W. Sutcliffe on behalf of the Freshwater Biological Association and the International Water Supply Association, London, UK

Published by The Freshwater Biological Association, Ambleside, 1997

144 pages

ISBN 978-0-900386-57-2

Price £32.00

Invited papers from a specialised conference held in London on 12-13 December 1995 by the FBA and the IWSA.


bosmina  The microbiological quality of water: the nature of the problem (J.G. Jones)

bosmina  The impact of molecular biology on assessment of water quality: advantages and limitations (J.R. Saunders & V.A. Saunders)

bosmina  Cultural methods of detection for microorganisms: recent advances and successes (J. Watkins & X. Jian)

bosmina  Detection of specific bacteria in water: implications of survival strategy (R.W. Pickup & G. Rhodes)

bosmina  The health significance of heterotrophic bacteria in drinking water (N. Lightfoot)

bosmina  Viruses and drinking water (R.Y. Cartwright)

bosmina  Production of positive controls for calcivirus-specific PCR using recombinant baculovirus technology (S.A. Butcher & S.E. Gould)

bosmina  Persistance of viable but non-culturable bacteria during the production and distribution of drinking water (P. Cervantes, V. Mennecart, C. Robert, M.R. de Roubin & J.C. Joret)

bosmina  Biodiversity in drinking water distribution systems: a brief review (J.C. Block, I. Sibille, D. Gatel, D.J. Reasoner, B. Lykins & R.M. Clark)

bosmina  Tastes and odours in potable water: perception versus reality (M.G. Kelly & J.R. Pomfret)

bosmina  Recent progress in the identification and determination of freshwater phytoplankton in the natural environment (C. Wilhelm & C. Lohmann)

bosmina  Immunodetection of planktonic algae (J.A. Taylor)

bosmina  The diversity and ecological role of protozoa in fresh waters (B.J. Finlay) Detection of Cryptosporidium oocysts in water and environmental concentrates (H.V. Smith)

bosmina  "Point of view". Cryptosporidiosis: a waterborne disease (K. Miller)

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