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Other Publications

Diptera Larvae - Review and Key to European Families.................... £15.00
Family-level keys to freshwater fly (Diptera) larvae: a brief review and a key to European families avoiding the use of mouthpart characters (Freshwater Reviews 6(1))
by M. Dobson
2013, 260 x 195 mm, 32 pp.  ISSN 1755-084X
A review of family-level Diptera keys and the difficulties encountered by the non-specialist in identifying Diptera families, followed by a key to European freshwater Diptera families that avoids the use of those features that cuase the non-specialist problems. Published in the FBA journal Freshwater Reviews, Vol 6(1).

Britain's Dragonflies.................... £17.95

Britains' Dragonflies: A Field Guide to the Damselflies and Dragonflies of Britain and Ireland
by D. Smallshire & A. Swash
Second edition, 2005.  ISBN 978 1 903657 29 4
Softback with plastic cover, 210 x 150 mm, 208pp.
Published by WILDGuides, 2010.

*please note: FBA discount does NOT apply

Tarns of the Central Lake District....................£12.00
Tarns of the Central Lake District
by E. Haworth, G. de Boer, I. Evans, H. Osmaston, W. Pennington, A. Smith, P. Storey & B. Ware
2003, 244 x 172 mm, ISBN 0 90601517 0
Published by Brathay Exploration Group Trust, Ambleside. 2003


Tarns of the Fells....................NEW PRICE 1 May 2012: £3.10*
Tarns of the Fells: Celebrating Cumbria's Mountain Landscapes
2005, 210 x 210 mm, ISBN 0 9540506 2 2
Published by Flora of the Fells Project in partnership with Cumbria Wildlife Trust and The Freshwater Biological Association 2005

*please note: FBA discount does NOT apply


An attractive and informative full colour poster, printed on glossy art paper, 66 x 51 cm (2 x 3 ft), with 12 colour photographs by Hilda Canter-Lund and brief notes by J.W.G. Lund. Posters cost £3.00 each, dispatched rolled in a cardboard tube which will accommodate up to 5 posters. Postage costs the single item rate.

Please note: discount is NOT available on posters.

CCAP Publications

Culturing Algae - A Guide for Schools and Colleges (Ref:- CCAP-CAlg) ..................... £5.00
H. Belcher and E. Swale
1982, 25pp, A5. ISBN 1 871105 04 8
Packed with information on handling and maintaining micro-algae in schools and colleges, including simple methods for the preparation of media and glassware, together with guidance on handling, growth temperatures, setting up of experiments, estimation of growth and expressing results.

A New Key to Freshwater and Soil Gymnamoebae (Ref:- CCAP-FGym) ..................... £22.00
F. C. Page
1988, 122pp, A4. ISBN 1 871105 02 1
A successor to F.C. Page's 1976 key (FBA Scientific Publication 34, Illustrated Key to Freshwater and Soil Amoebae), incorporating subsequent changes in taxonomy. In several places the text refers to illustrations and information given in SP 34 (please see details elsewhere on FBA Scientific Publication 34).

Marine Gymnamoebae (Ref:- CCAP-MGym) ..................... £8.00
F. C. Page
1983, 54pp, A4. ISBN 0 904282 75 9
An invaluable source book for the investigation of naked lobose amoebae in the marine environment.


Cryopreservation - An Introduction to Cryopreservation in Culture Collections (Ref:- CCAP-Cryo).... £6.00
G. J. Morris
1981, 27pp, A4. ISBN 0 904282 45 7
Storage under liquid nitrogen is a standard method for long-term maintenance of a large variety of cell types and tissues. This book investigates the freezing and thawing processes, the effects of low temperatures on biological membranes, cellular viability following freezing and thawing and freezing injury.

Parasitic Protozoa in British Wild Animals (Ref:- CCAP-PPro) ..................... £5.00
J. R. Baker
1982, 24pp, A5. ISBN 0 904282 61 9
In addition to the myriad protozoa living in the soil and water, many species inhabit the bodies of other plants and animals, obtaining nourishment from their (usually unwilling) hosts and sometimes causing the latter considerable damage. This booklet illustrates the extent of parasitic protozoa in the British wild fauna.

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