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Mission & Vision

The Freshwater Biological Association (FBA) is a thriving membership association, independent scientific organisation and a registered charity. Founded in 1929, we promote freshwater science through innovative research and science projects, training courses and workshops, maintained specialist scientific facilities, a programme of national and international scientific meetings, publications programme including our popular keys, and by providing sound independent scientific opinion. We pride ourselves on providing one of the finest sources of freshwater information in the world and house extensive published and unpublished collections, two specialist libraries and are the custodians of a variety of long term data sets from sites of scientific significance.

Located on the shore of Windermere, in Cumbria and alongside the River Frome at East Stoke in Dorset the FBA is managed by Chief Executive, Bill Brierley assisted by FBA staff. A board of trustees, elected by the members, guide the strategic direction of the Association in line with the charitable objectives.

Vision & mission

Our vision is to be the leading independent UK organisation for freshwater information and advice. Our mission is to promote the sustainable management of freshwater ecosystems and resources, underpinned by the best available science. To achieve these, we have set ourselves four key objectives:

  • to widen active membership
  • to provide evidence and information
  • to influence and broaden advocacy
  • to facilitate the setting of the research agenda.

The FBA is a registered charity, number 214440 and a company limited by guarantee, registration number 263162, England.

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