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FBA signs Memorandum of Understanding with the University of Cumbria

MOU with University of Cumbria

The University of Cumbria and Freshwater Biological Association have joined forces to work together and collaborate towards improved education, research and business. In signing an MOU, both organisations have strengthened their relationship which has developed over several years. With a shared interest in business, economic development, education, biology and conservation there are lots of synergies for both organisations to explore in the future.

Dr Bill Brierley, Chief Executive of the Freshwater Biological Association and Professor Sandra Booth, Pro Vice Chancellor of the University of Cumbria, signed a Memorandum of Understanding during a ceremony at the FBA HQ earlier this month which now provides both organisations with an agreed framework to work together in the future.

Commenting on this significant event, Sandra Booth, said:

“On behalf of University of Cumbria, I am delighted to have signed the Memorandum of Understanding with our colleagues in the Freshwater Biological Association. We have been developing links between FBA and the university for many years, and this work has culminated in our relationship strengthened through the MOU agreement. It will now enable both organisations to collaborate in many growth areas, such as business, economic development, education, biology and conservation links for the mutual benefit of our respective organisations.”

Following the signing, Dr Bill Brierley said:

“We have been working with University of Cumbria for several years, and they have been coming to the FBA for three years now. There has been support on both sides to develop this relationship further, and today’s agreement provides a framework to do that by working together more proactively. Both the University of Cumbria and FBA have some very similar interests, especially in the areas of freshwater education and conservation, and clearly with both being situated close together on the shores of Windermere helps. The university’s proactive approach to drive economic growth and wealth-creating opportunities also fits very well with what FBA are trying to achieve to make a positive impact in the freshwater community and local Lake District communities.”

Over the coming months reciprocal visits are being planned with students and staff in support of the MOU objectives to discuss opportunities for students and areas for joint research.

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