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Data & Information

The FBA collection of information on freshwater science, built up over 70 years, is one of the finest in the world, covering all aspects of freshwater ecology, as well as pollution, phycology, microbiology, invertebrate taxonomy and ecology, sediment and water chemistry, aquaculture and fisheries management, and hydrology. In recent years digital services have also been added to the FBA's portfolio of information assets and the FBA is now an expert in digital data curation and management.

Some of the data and information services provided by the FBA are:

bosmina Literature searches/bibliographies

bosmina Subject reviews

bosmina Document supply (including copyright fees)

bosmina Current awareness service

bosmina Library visits to our Windermere and Dorset libraries

bosmina FBA Museum and Collections access

bosmina Digital curation consultancy

bosmina Dataset storage, management and curation services

bosmina Design and hosting of freshwater related websites and web services

bosmina Development of new semantic web technologies for exploring using and managing freshwater data

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