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Title: Syngenta Pond Invertebrate Data (2000)
Related Party - Organisation (Author): Syngenta
Outdoor pond microcosm studies were conducted as part of regulatory environmental safety submissions, investigating effects of chemicals on communities of freshwater organisms. Physico-chemical properties of the water and macroinvertebrate communities were sampled and enumerated. The data here are the control data from untreated microcosms. The test systems were rectangular varied depth microcosms containing approximately 1300 litres of water over 10cm sediment, stocked with macrophytes and invertebrates.
Subject Keywords: PondsEcotoxicology
Geographic Keywords: United Kingdom
Observed Properties: Sampling equipmentSampling depthDateMicrocosmsAnimal developmental stagesTaxaTaxon count

Geographic Extent -
    Longitude (West): -0.746663
    Longitude (East): -0.739710
    Latitude (South): 51.450911
    Latitude (North): 51.456875

Phenomenon Time -  Start Date/Time: 2000-05-04 End Date/Time:  2000-08-11
Result Time: 2000-08-11
Valid Time -  Start Date/Time: 2000-05-04 End Date/Time:  2000-08-11
Feature of Interest: biosphere
Documentation: Syngenta Pond Mesocosm Studies Materials and Methods (2000-2004) or view
Publication Date: 2015-10-07

This data is made available under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International.

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