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Supplementary File

Title: Syngenta Pond Mesocosm Studies Materials and Methods (2000-2004) - Emergence Trap Frame
Related Party - Organisation (Author): Syngenta
Image that comprises part of figure 2.5 of the document "Syngenta Pond Mesocosm Sutdies Materials and Methods (2000-2004)". It shows the plastic frame design part of the Emergence Trap used for emergence sampling.
Subject Keywords: PondsEcotoxicology

Geographic Extent -
    Longitude (West): -0.746663
    Longitude (East): -0.739710
    Latitude (South): 51.450911
    Latitude (North): 51.456875

Publication Date: 2015-10-07

This data is made available under the terms of the FBA Licence.

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